A bright 2016 it was… exactly two weeks after moving into my first official place of my own, I met my girl ūüôā ¬†She shook the subtle¬†stillness of my feelings, birthing¬†a whole new world of love and community I am crazy excited to live out.

It’s cool, it really doesn’t feel like this year flew by. ¬†I’ve learned¬†so much yet know so little, refined so much¬†of my character as new¬†rough edges surfaced, and I feel like I’m just at the starting line¬†of so much awesome. ¬†Cheers to awesome.

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  1. T-Swizzles

    wonderful end of the year video randy! loved the emotions and the improvements on your skill from the previous years. Im upset that you didn’t show the drone crashing into your window or cutting off the chickens head, but there is always next year.

    You put a lot of work and effort to these videos and I don’t know if anyone will every be able to fully appreciate the time and effort and dedication that these take. These videos are a blessing to everyone that gets the honor to be in them. You have a knack for capturing raw emotions and instead of trying to look cool, you make it look real, because it is real. These videos are incredible. Please put together a feature length video with commentary of the past 6 years.

    Love you man! Keep it up! Cant wait for 2017!

  2. T-Swizzles

    your stupid site deleted everything i just wrote…. It was some of the most heartfelt things i have ever said about you…. but i will not write them again…. i will not give in to this damn technology.

  3. Etienne C

    There¬īs so much to say bro… You¬īre definitely living the good life!
    Looks like you spend looooooooots of time with Taylor and Neal. That¬īs cool!
    Looking forward to see you some time again.

    Poor chicken…

  4. Girl

    I am set to watch it again, for the third time. As you know, when you first described your life-archiving process, I was a little nervous. But now after seeing a year that I was a part of, and 30+ minutes of faces I have come to know and love, I cannot say enough good things.

    You are talented beyond measure! This is such an amazingly unique way to highlight your life for the generations to come.

    I love you! Even when you stick a camera in my face.

  5. Karen Afshar

    Absolutely excellent, Rando. You are very talented and creative. How wonderful to have so many friends and family.

    Thank you for making our daughter so happy …. we look forward to spending much more time with you.

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