2015 = Foundation.

After years and years of learning concepts and slowly building my craft, I’m beginning to poke my head above the surface and take on real life challenges.  My eyes are being opened more and more to voids that I can fill, and I’m actually starting to organize my potential into a product.  That is a really awesome, really scary feeling.  I guess it’s a part of grown-up-hood.

I got a true matured taste of highs, lows, transitions, and triumphs; and looking back, I’m a stronger, refined person having gone through it.  As one of the songs in this year’s video says, “the sun it does not cause us to grow, it is the rain that will strengthen your soul, it will make you whole.”

And boy did it rain this year… but coming out of a low makes high highs even higher.  Hah.  Or in other words, without darkness there can’t be light.  So cheers to a bright 2016!

So let this love be like a fire
Let our lives be like a flame
Fill our souls with Your desire
Let our passion bring You fame

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  1. Taylor Brandon

    Well Rando…. you have done it again. Nice work man. I love some of the little things you added to this video and each year it’s getting better, probably because I’m appearing more and more. Love watching these and its one of the highlights to my year for the last 3 years. Love you man and can’t wait for our next choice to embark again.

  2. Jim Fleming

    This is awesome! Not because I’m in it twice (really hard to find but I’m there) but because you’ve been to so many awesome places an have met so many people and experienced so much life in one year! I’ll have to watch for the camera in 2016! Nice job 😉

  3. Phill Davey

    I’m always blown away by your videos man. I just sit back an for half an hour I’m absorbed into the screen and have this longing to go on an adventure. The thing is, I have my own adventures and own experiences that are adventurous and exciting for me, but because I have zero idea how to film and edit, I’m unbelievable jealous, because I can’t sit back and watch my highlights.

    Rando, you are a freaking legend. One day I’ll be near enough to you to and do something end of year video worthy, but until then, have fun and stay safe dude!

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