• 2:20 Honduras
  • 3:26 Quinton’s proposal
  • 4:03 New Zealand
  • 5:09 Sydney
  • 6:50 The Great Showcase
  • 8:10 Hillsong Conference
  • 9:38 Burying Treasure
  • 11:49 Chattanooga Highline
  • 13:23 Georgia
  • 15:23 Family Reunion
  • 15:53 Neversink Pit
  • 16:43 Homemade Zip Line
  • 17:17 Legacy Inauguration
  • 18:03 Quinton and Katie Brogan
  • 18:31 Macau Family Reunion
  • 19:16 Singapore
  • 19:27 Sydney
  • 19:53 Dinner with Bruce
  • 20:02 Cole meeting baby Weston
  • 21:11 Thailand

The best way to describe 2014: The highs were high, and the lows were low.

2014 was a very rough, but very rewarding year for me.  I came home from a year in Australia to much less than I had before (but boy did that change).  While my year away was fast paced and abundant, this year was different.  What the plenty of the last year hid is what the barrenness of this year revealed: infrastructure.

When things went from great to not so great, it was interesting to see what parts of my character remained constant, and what had actually been affected.  What was a constant, and will always be a constant, is the fact that I never went without because I asked for help, and I got it.  I manned up and admitted I needed help, and I got it.  Because of that, now I really know how to appreciate a bed and a good home, thus another level of appreciating life.

The highs were high too, and they pretty much speak for themselves in the video above. I learned that the best part of the highs is that the low points in life were necessary to truly appreciate the highs.

Another cool thing was that Macau, Singapore, Australia (the second time) and Thailand weren’t in “the plan” for the year.   The opportunity arose, and I was able to jump on them because of what my teacher Bruce taught me: plan for spontaneity.

To wrap things up, my time on this planet is finite, so I plan to make every season a powerful one for myself and even more for the ones around me.  So if we’ve met, it’s been an honor.  And if we haven’t met yet, it will be an honor.  Or honour if you’re of British grammatical descent.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

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  1. Forrest Hersom

    Rando…DUDE! Pure gold. You have something incredible going on man. Who knew that people could impact the world simply by capturing their daily lives? Its definitely possible. These videos are a perfect example of the importance of our perspectives in life. So many moments pass by in our lives that we think are boring or aren’t worth noticing, but because you think differently and you have captured those moments we are able to see how seriously amazing and valuable they are. I find myself wishing I had a dollar for every time Taylor drops his tooth and somehow Lucas’s taste in sunglasses gets more and more radical throughout the year haha. I’m always amazed at the moments you captured when we weren’t even aware of it. All of it makes for another groundbreaking video. I always do my best to soak in these moments while I am in them, but watching them replayed in these videos somehow add so much more of the experience to my life, even after it has happened. Thanks for doing this brother. Its blessed my life to see the work of God’s hand in your life. Always stoked to be a part of these adventures with you and as always…cannot WAIT for what is to come.

  2. Taylor Brandon

    Just like Lucky Charms Cereal, this video represents life pretty well.

    Lucky charms, or LC for short, is a wonderful cereal filled with sugary marshmallows that melt in your mouth. However, leprechauns are horrible creatures and every sugary bite comes with a catch. They surround the marshmallows with crap flavoured shapes that are from the devil. Some mornings it seems as if the leprechaun is out to get you, and when you pour your bowl it’s only filled with the crappy shapes. Thats a horrible way to start a day!
    At a younger age I attempted something pretty radical and picked out all of the crap flavoured shapes just to spite Lucky the Leprechaun. I can’t even begin to explain to you how good it tasted… for about 2 bites. After that I thought I was going to throw up.

    That day Lucky the Leprechaun taught me a very important lesson. Life is full of ups and downs, just as you said Rando. You cant have a bowl of LC with out both the mallows and the shapes, and you cant live a great life with out some melt in your mouth moments, and some crap ones.
    This video has some of my favourite moments from this last year, and sugary marshmallows don’t even compare. Yet some of those clips were just before or after really rough times. Times that were worse than a bowl full of crap flavoured shapes. However, Rando, you seem to know how to capture the perfect combination of moments that makes your videos, “Magically Delicious.”

    These last 2 years have been an amazing adventure with you and I can’t wait to see whats in store for us next.

  3. Quinton Brogan

    Bro Im at a loss for words… Amazing. Every year I loving just getting into the time machine that is your end of the year video and enjoying the ride. 2014 was a good year it is nice to be reminded of that. Thanks man!

  4. Lucas Lightning Freeman

    Rando… I believe that one of the big reasons why you’re called to this lifestyle is to inspire people. I believe when people take a look at what you’re doing, Why you’re doing it, and Who you give all the credit to, they become inspired and called to a more active, proactive, out-of-their-comfort-zone lifestyle of living that echoes what you’re doing, but significant to them. Adventure. This video portrays it in all types of ways. Whether it’s traveling the world and walking on ropes off of cliffs, or whether it’s proposing to your girlfriend whom you love, they are both adventure and are both equally exciting, just in different, unique ways. I pray that your life and your capturing of it through media continues to change and inspire people like it has me. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of several of these adventures, and it is only beginning. You’ve got a gift, keep running to the King with it. Life’s good brother – this video speaks that.

  5. Phill Davey

    Rando! What a man.

    Seriously dude, I’m not really even that passionate about filming stuff, but every time I watch one of your reels I get the overwhelming urge to grab my camera and go do something worth filming. Besides the fact that you are an absolute legend, who you are is so unbelievably inspiring. You’re living out your life exactly how you want, chasing down the things you want without letting stupid stuff catch you out or letting silly things get in the way.

    Whatever happens dude, you’ll always have a place to crash and a hot meal in Sydney.

    Keep killing it bro.

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