• 0:13 Meeting Neal and Strand
  • 1:04 The first camping trip
  • 1:58 First time playing a theremin
  • 3:19 Hillsong Conference
  • 4:02 Tasteful Thievery
  • 4:11 The Final Voyage of the Campervan
  • 4:26 Sky Walking
  • 5:08 Sellin Hot Dogs
  • 5:23 Redneck Live Stream
  • 5:56 Risking it for Biscuits
  • 6:09 The Legendary Field Trip
  • 6:38 Melbourne
  • 7:57 The Great Showcase
  • 9:09 Giving Thanks
  • 9:59 Foreshadowing
  • 10:05 Cones of Wisdom
  • 10:10 Formal Achievements
  • 10:25 Tomo
  • 11:41 Christmas with family
  • 11:55 Christmas with family
  • 13:03 Steve
  • 14:14 All of My Dudes

This video showcases the highlights of my year living in Australia.  2013 was huge for me, and not because of the obvious change in hemispheres and culture.  What’s cool about this video is that the last third of the video was shot in just over one month (starting at 10:26).  The last bit was staying in Australia for Christmas and spending it with friends instead of relatives, and we all made the best of it.

Throughout this year I kept repeating in my head the phrase “make the most of it.”  If you didn’t notice, I actually owned 3 separate cars during the year.  Yes, it was going to be more expensive, but instead of complaining I just made more money instead.  The payoff was huge for myself and everyone around me, all because I wanted to make the most of my year away. I learned a whole lot about myself and made some really really really good friends.  All things considered, I can’t complain 🙂

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