• 1:43 2nd Amendment Fun
  • 2:21 Green River Ordinance
  • 2:36 Awakening 2012
  • 4:27 GHS Graduation
  • 4:49 4th of July Semi-Legal Explosions
  • 5:44 Brazil
  • 6:10 Elijah and Mary’s Hitching
  • 6:40 Derby with Bone Saw and Kyle
  • 7:30 Newborn Cole Uriah
  • 7:34 Hurricane Sandy
  • 7:47 Janine and Ben’s Wedding
  • 8:06 Chile
  • 8:18 Rachael’s “New” Car
  • 9:11 Christmas Eve
  • 9:35 When Jimmy learned the truth about the tooth fairy

2012 was the year I learned that I had only scratched the surface in the camera world.   This year I had to be more intentional about not only growing in my career, but in my character as well.  I made some hefty camera purchases and became a genuine geek, but it was all preparing my head for what was coming.

For the entirety of this video, (and half of the 2011 one) I knew I was going to Australia for a year.  Because that was always in my head, I’d brand this year as a year of preparation.   The highlights were traveling to Brazil and Chile, which ignited my curiosity for what the rest of the world smelled and felt like.

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