THIS  IS  MY  2011


  • 0:16 The Ninja and Redneck videos
  • 0:52 A Miniature Kinley
  • 1:07 Boston
  • 1:14 Light the City Shows
  • 2:04 Schoolyard Puck
  • 2:08 Niagara Falls Conference
  • 2:47 Badminton at the Church
  • 3:12 Awakening 2011
  • 3:25 Outloud Conference 2011
  • 3:44 CLG Open
  • 4:00 Costa Rica
  • 4:26 Demolition Derby
  • 5:02 Whirly Ball
  • 6:07 Everyone working/living at Starbucks

This video was the video that started it all.  I was looking for a cheap but also personal Christmas gift to all my friends.  Work smarter, not harder right?

I was just out of high school, and I’d call this the music era.  Everyone’s focus in this video was music, including mine.  I didn’t even realize that video was really my thing until about 2012.

The first shot of this video was actually in September, 2010.  This was the year I bought my first camera, the Canon 550D/T2i, and my buddy Mark gave me his 50 1.8 lens to use for about a month.  The first few minutes were shot on automatic settings, but by the end of it I learned how to shoot manually.  I didn’t really care about the technical stuff, I just wanted to make videos.

The highlights were the songs we would play and listen to.  All Time Low is the music for this video, and that and music like it was the anthem to this season.  I can’t help but smile thinking about how awesome it was.  We had no real responsibilities and just wanted to have fun.  And we did.

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