What This Is:

The End of the Year Video is a personal side project of mine.  At the end of every year, it showcases every single highlight of my year in video form, and nothing is excluded.  The songs used were the soundtrack to that season and held value to me throughout the year.  I like cameras, and I love people, and this is the result.

What This is to Me:

I’ve observed that my life is consistently full of significant moments.  What I’ve noticed is that in the present, these significant moments often happen without the recognition they deserve.  Then, because hindsight is 20-20, it’s easy to look back and realize I missed something significant because I was living through it passively, instead of living aware and responsive in the moment.  This project helps keep me awake when life happens.

What This Does Beyond Me:

My goal is for my kids and grandkids to be able to watch my life, and not only be entertained, but to use my life as a good example for their own.  For that to become a reality, I choose to live a consistent and transparent life, so this video is actually a custom form of accountability for me.  Living a good life is far from easy, and this is a unique form of motivation for me to live a good life.  This isn’t just because I want to inspire the people around me, but because life is just too good to not be good.